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Team Viewer connection fails with error NOROUTE_NotAllowed

I have TeamViewer 13 Beta isntalled on my PC and my partner too has the same version installed. I unable to conenct my partner's TeamViewer and got the error NOROUTE_NotAllowed while conencting. My partner can conenct my TeamViewer without any issue.

Only differnece that I ahve observed is my OS version is Windows 7 whereas my partner's OS version is Windows 10. Does the OS version has any realtion with this TeamViewer conenction issue.

Below is the error log that I have from my TeamViewer log.


Trying connection to 293026688, mode = 1
2017/11/15 16:40:47.991  8572  8652 S0   Activating Router carrier
2017/11/15 16:40:47.991  8572  8652 S0   CProcessCommandHandlerMasterConnect[8]::CreateMasterConnect():, Connection 8, proxy=''
2017/11/15 16:40:48.174  8572  8644 S0   CProcessCommandHandlerMasterConnect[8]::HandleMasterConnect(): Sending MasterCommand client=TV&connectionmode=1&f=RequestRoute2&homeserver=&ic=-1912490022&id=272495664&id1=272495664&id2=293026688&mid=v4c4c4544005833108050b3c04f524632d481d7945f7249f3b083a8c2198e5476dc5673b5c3c9<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0dd0c5b4e712d7cef7750d93b4e6b006&midv=2&v=13.0.3711 Beta
2017/11/15 16:40:48.326  8572  8652 S0   CProcessCommandHandlerMasterConnect[8]::ReceivedMasterResponse(): Received MasterCommand NOROUTE_NotAllowed
2017/11/15 16:40:48.327  8572  8652 S0!  TcpCarrierBase[8]::SendCompleteQueue(): No Connections, Type_Tcp, Dir_Outgoing, Ending 0, SendQueue 1, CurrentSendQueue 0, SendCache 0
2017/11/15 16:40:48.329  7720  8688 G1!! LoginOutgoing: ConnectFinished - error: NotAllowed

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2 Replies
Posted by Former Staff Jonathan
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Re: Team Viewer connection fails with error NOROUTE_NotAllowed

Hi @manojs,

Thanks for your post!

Sorry you are having trouble making connections. Are you only unable to connect to the partner computer in question, or you cannot make a connection at all?

Can you remove the current copy of Beta 13 and download a fresh copy and try the connection again?

Let me know the result,


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Posted by manojs

Re: Team Viewer connection fails with error NOROUTE_NotAllowed

Hi Jonathan,

Yes, I am unable to connect only the mentioned partner computer. I can connect other computers.

I tried re-installing TeamViewer with the latest download of Beta version and it worked like a Charm.

Thanks a lot Jonathan.