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TeamViewer 10 License 'Flipping' Problem

I purchased TeamViewer 10 back in 2015 for the sole purpose of connecting to my office computer from my home desktop and my laptop. After uninstalling and reinstalling TeamViewer on my desktop and laptop due to an Windows upgrade problem, I am now getting the message that my 'trial version' has expired and asking me to 'activate license'.

When I input my license on my home desktop, I get this message: 

"Move license? This license has already been activated. Do you want to move the license to this computer? Moves left: 5"

When I click yes to "Move license?" I get the following message:

"License activated. A new TeamViewer license has been activated on this computer! You have four moves left..."

Then, I get the same message on my laptop and go through the same process - with the final message telling me that I have "three moves left."

I do not recall having this problem before. All I want to do is reliably connect to a single (work) computer from my home desktop and my laptop. Can anyone help me with this problem?