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TeamViewer Insider Build popup wrong info!

Hi guys,

Today we are seeing recently updated TeamViewer installs saying "TeamViewer Insider Build v. 14.6.2452"

It seems to be a popup with the improvements list, but it says it is running the Insider Build, but it isn't. I can confirm that it isn't using the Insider Build by going to About Teamviewer.

Just thought you should know, I ended up uninstalling the first one before realising it was the popup that was wrong, not the install :(

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Re: TeamViewer Insider Build popup wrong info!

Hi @AlexFogerty ,

Thank you for sharing this.
It would be great if you can screenshot the popup about the insider builds, so we can look into the case.

Just for your information, when you use insider builds, you would see the orange INSIDER banner in the lower left corner of your application.


Also if you do not tick Receive insider builds under Extras --> Options --> General, you won't receive automatically update to the latest pre-release versions of TeamViewer.


For more information, please read this article.

Sorry for the confusion. Hope this will help you.

All the best, Yuri

Posted by AlexFogerty

Re: TeamViewer Insider Build popup wrong info!

The Changelog popup definitely had the orange Insider Build logo, but it appears to have been fixed as I'm not seeing it anymore.