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Teamviewer 13 for blackberry not available and 12 is not compatible - que faire?

Dear Teamviewer-Team

I have some computers (Daughter, Homeserver), that I want to access during business journeys (to set up child security program, homeserver, etc.).
I have updated or installed Teamviewer 13, as 12 is not compatible.
Unfortunately my Q10 Blackberry Device (Blackberry Passport) does not allow me to install the Android App (which usally works) and says I must use the Blackberry Teamviewer App - but there's only Teamviewer 12 Version in Blackberry World that does not allow to Teamviewer 13 Host Service.

Do you plan to have a Teamviewer 13 Blackberry Version (I would gladly pay for it!) or did you already bury Blackberry Version for good?

All the best