Teamviewer screen issues with multimonitor PC

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Teamviewer screen issues with multimonitor PC

I have a tested multiple times a connecton from IOS on iPad to a 5 monitor PC system with some high res monitors and the reset lower reas.

The problem is that when connecting to this PC using an iPad (lastest IOS) with latest Teamviewer 14.5.    Once connected, Teamviewer forces a monitor resolution change on the remote system.   It doesn't give an option on the remote system Teamviewer app to disallow this, nor does it mention that it will do this when connecting.

-- This causes all applications to resize and some to move relocate to other monitors. 

-- It causes one monitor to loose is location position setting

-- It doesn't allow you to move to another monitor by scrolling, switching etc.

-- Ideally, the connection should allow scaling on the iPad of the remote monitor's resolution with the ability to move from one monitor to another.   The iPad should allow for two finger scaling of the remote monitor screen (high res monitors) and / or use slider bars to allow navigation on the high resolution monitor.