Posted by ChrisM0310

Wake-on-LAN internl and external


I'm currently running TV10 in my network and I tried to get wake-on-lan to work but I ran into some issues. 

First of all: My network consists of 13 PCs which are all connected to a windows server which is connected to a router. Some of the pcs run windows 7, some run windows 10. 

I first tried to get a network internal wake-up to work on between 2 windows 10 machines but for unknown reasons I cant assign an account to one of the machines. It tells me that I need admin rights to do so even though I'm logged in on my admin account. I read all the provided manuals but couldn't find any answers. Another question would be which account gets signed in upon wake-up? Admin or user? I ofc want a to sign in as a user. 

Now I thought about external wake-up as well. Is it possible to have both, internal and external wake-up at the same time? I want all my devices to be able to wake all other devices up. And if it is possible how can I configure TV10 to do so? I'd be glad if you could help me a bit. Thanks in advance.