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Windows only - shift key stuck

Local and remote machines both running TV13 on Win10. Don't recall seeing this problem on TV12. Problem does not happen ALL the time, but sometimes it gets stuck.

When working on a list of things in Windows, like File Explorer list of files or Outlook list of emails, the normal Windows keystroke behaviour allows you to click on one list element and then shift-click on another list element to select all of the list elements between and including those clicked. Right?

So the "stuck" thing is because a single click appears to always act like a shift-click and select a range of elements. It's as though the shift key got stuck down. When you are presented with the list, one element is usually highlighted. Clicking on any other element acts like shift-click and selects multiple items, instead of just selecting the newly clicked item. Seems to be no way to stop this.

We've tried fiddling around with the shift key and holding it down to engage the Windows "sticky keys" accessibility aid and turn it off. Nothing has helped. Exiting TV and coming back in usually helps.

Any ideas? Is this a known issue with TV13?

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1 Reply
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Re: Windows only - shift key stuck

I have the same issue. My observations, hope this helps:

- It happens randomly but often, about once per 10 minutes of work.

- I control my Windows PC from either another windows PC or a MAC, happens in both contexts.

- If the Shift key gets stuck, it cannot be unstuck, only by closing the session and rejoining.

- Once TV is in this fault state, the scroll wheel of my mouse also stops working.

- Using latest TV13, reinstalled today 6 jul 2018. 

- Seems unrelated to hardware, my mouse and keyboard are wired USB or built in (macbook pro)

- Problem also observed controlling a PC over the internet (not LAN related)

- Problem does not seem to occur when controlling a remote Mac from a Windows PC.

- Pretty sure that the problem was introduced in one of the later versions, did not happen more than a year ago. Sorry for the imprecise description.

Again, hope this helps.