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Posted by iosbuildmgr

cannot connect from Windows7 to Mac OS X yosemite10.10.5

i'm a newbie to using Teamviewer.

I'm trying to setup remote connection from Windows 7 laptop to Mac OS X Yosemite on same network. I have installed TeamViewer on laptop and Mac. when i try to connect to MAc, i get "Unable to Connect: A connection could not be established. TeamViewer not running on partner". I verified that Teamviewer is ready on Mac, shows 'Ready to Connect (secure connection) on lower right. Weird thing is that i CAN connect from Mac to my laptop. Problem is that the Mac is in office and my PC will be remote with me outside of office.

Is there a setting on theMac that is blocking incoming connection? Firewall on Mac is OFF, and Remote Access Management setting is 'ON'


Any help would be appreciated



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1 Reply
Posted by BudV

Re: cannot connect from Windows7 to Mac OS X yosemite10.10.5

I’m afraid this won’t be worth much to you, but I worked a lot between my Mac under Yosemite and my daughter’s Win7, and I don’t recall having any problem.

Also, I’m under El Capitan now, and occasionally get the "Unable to connect …" alert, but in the vast majority of cases (at least for me), I don’t believe it the first one or two times I see it — making sure to wait for it to become Ready to Connect — and the connect finally goes through.

This is just a gut feeling, but I don't think that Remote Access Management has any effect on TeamViewer either way.  It would seem that it controls the Remote Access feature that's provided by the operating system.

I’m sorry I can’t be more informative.