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change computer


I have ver 9 license key and then purchase an upgrade license key to ver 11.

I need to change to a new computer.

If I use the ver 11 license key, it said invalid

So, I install ver 9 and enable ver 9 license key and it works.  But I don't know how to upgrade to ver 11 with the upgrade license key 11.  Pls advsie.

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Re: change computer

Hi itasia, 

Thank you for your post. 

When you purchase a licence update, you always receive a new licence key. The licence key pertaining to your older version will no longer be valid.

Both licence keys (the old one and the new one) will appear on your update invoice. The new licence key is always given first. It will typically look like this:


In your case, you would therefore see "[licence key for version 11], updated from [licence key for version 9]".

Please use your new licence key to activate your licence on TeamViewer 11. 

I hope this helps. If you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to let me know.

All the best,


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