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moving from 10 to 11 on macbook pro

Hope i can explain this - I am on a macbook pro and was using teamviewer 11.  I have to keep to an older version as my mac is older.   I recently did a reinstall of the OS as recommended by apple to refresh the pro.  I tried to load back on the version 11 and it states finished/sucessful but when the icon appears in the doc .. it just bounces and bounces.  Soon thereafter an error message appears that states - close windows or reinstate windows???  If i pick either i go to yet another error - ignore, send or try again.  Once i hit ignore .. the software disappears from the dock and in just two second appears and starts bouncing again.  The type of process repeats itself until i remove the application from my mac (using Cleanmy Mac software and erase the application).. If i go to version 10 it loads and works flawlessly.  Can some tell me why ??   But i need to move up to 11 soon.  Thanks a bunch .. Barbara