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Posted by Damasta

one more: no sound - "speakers unplugged" on remote W10 PC

Here is my setup:

TV11, remote PC runs W10 build 15063.413 local PC runs W10 build 14393.1358.

The remote PC has an onboard Realtek audio device, but nothing is plugged in - so I'm getting the little red "x" on the remote speaker icon on the taskbar. So far, so expected.

But no matter what I do, TV11 is not able to redirect Windows sound to the remote PC - and I've tried most of the recommended work-arounds in this forum. (including: ensuring computer sounds is enabled, setting voip to "standard audio", force-enabling the "stereo mix" device, etc.)
Reason seems to be:

Remote Windows believes it has no available/functioning audio playback device and therefore any app attempting to play sound quits with the same message: "No playback possible - no audio device found." Note that this is itentional - the remote computer is not supposed to make any local sounds (it is in a busy reception area), so no speakers were provided.

TV does not seem to have it's own "virtual audio" device/driver - so in this case Windows indeed has no playback device to use. So in a way, you could blame this on Windows.

But c'mon Teamviewer... how hard can it be to provide your own playback device driver? That'll work all the time/always? RDP can do it, surely TV should be able?

Or am i missing some other workaround or setting? Alternatively, does anyone know how to force-enable an audio device without speakers plugged in? Or at least how to make W10 ignore whether speakers are plugged in or not?

thanks in advance!

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Posted by jointtechs

Re: one more: no sound - "speakers unplugged" on remote W10 PC

install virtual speaker software on the remote computer for example this