Posted by chodthewacko

"Login cancelled"

When I connect to my Windows PC from Android (version 12.0.5857 CL), 

Every now and then logins just fail with "login Cancelled".  I then keep get this a lot until eventually "you have aborted too many logins" and then teamviewer doesn't work for a while.

This happens maybe once a day, the other times it connects just fine.

Does anyone know how to diagnose what is happening here?

I do use Netguard so Teamviewer only runs on Wifi.    I've used this for a while, and this 'login cancelled' thing is a fairly recent issue.

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Posted by dtoxic

Re: "Login cancelled"

I reverted back to Team Viewer 11.0.66695 and never had a problem since...that being said i created 2 tasks in Windows Task Scheduler, the reason is whenever Teamviewer service starts for the first time i cannot connect, so i created one task to restart the service every day at 10:00 am and second to close the teamviewer window at 10:01 am

Since first version of TV12 up until 13 i have always the same problem so ill stick with TV 11 for now