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setting up remote access (mac)

I know this is probably a real basic thing for most of you out there but I am stumped. Can anyone help me set up remote access so I can wake up a sleeping mac and access my work desktop remotley from my phone or other laptop?

The sleeping mac is an imac desktop running 10.11.3, 4GHz itel core i7, 32 GB.

I want to be able to access it from one of 2 different macbook pros or iphones.

I've installed the relevant software and have been round in circles with instructions getting nowhere! Would really appreciate some guidance. Thank you.

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Re: setting up remote access (mac)

Hi nickcohenkog,

Thanks for your post!

Could you let us know if you are trying to connect from inside your network or outside your network? I ask as connecting outside your network requires a form of public address and also some port forwarding that can get quite complicated.

We do have a manual for Wake-on_LAN here as well:

Thanks again,

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Re: setting up remote access (mac)

Hi Scotty,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, I need to connect from outside my network (i.e. I want to set it up so my partner and I to be able to access our studio computer from our laptops or phones from home or on the road). I already have the wake-on LAN manual but thanks anyway. I have been through it extensively and had no joy. 
Many thanks for your help and advice. 
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Re: setting up remote access (mac)

This is my exact problem also! why hasnt anyone got back to you?

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Re: setting up remote access (mac)

You need to select both TeamViewer and TeamViewer_Desktop in
--> Settings,
--> security & privacy settings,
--> Accessibility 

on MacBook pro (Mojave) then it will grant remote access.