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Posted by zeezoo

teamviewer keeps disconnecting, forcing to purchase license, unable to reconnect

Started today I'm struggling to manage my mining rigs as TV keeps disconnecting me and forcing to purchase license. When I try to connect from my mobile I get info that it suspects me to use my account for "commercial environments" which is completely not true... My sessions are limited to few minutes (not even 5 as stated in the message) and I can't reconnect within next 10 mins. I've got like 7 computers in my list that I connect on daily basis, 4 of which are in my house (mining rigs), 2 in my friend's place (mining rigs) that I manage completely free of charge and my aunt in NY so clearly not corporate account. This is ridicoulus and hopefully will be sorted. I'm unable to reconnect which is causing more trouble. I tried to submit ticket but of course that option is reserved only to the ones who pay...
I really enjoyed using teamviewer for many years and hope to continue using it. It is truly personal use only, I don't make any money on this.