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Credit card charged, order issue

Hi Support,

Yesterday I placed an order, credit card was charged but the webpage showed an error. The webpage refreshed and it asked me to enter credit card number again.

I placed a second order with a different payment method and it was successful. Since the first order was also charged, please refund the payment (credit card). Thanks.

Credit card payment details:

Last 4 digits credit card: 0720

Name: Pengli Chen ( or P Chen)

Last 4 digits of Phone number: 8861

Email: same email of this account

 Please check the order. Let me know if I need to provide anything else. Thanks.



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Re: Credit card charged, order issue

Hello @149745665,

Thank you for your post. 😊

We are unable to affect or provide direct support in cancellation or licensing issues here in the community, for security purposes.

Please contact our support team directly so they will assist you further.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Kind regards,