Introducing TeamViewer Web Monitoring! 

We are happy to announce the upgrade of TeamViewer Web Monitoring from a Beta to a complete product version and this is our first release!

TeamViewer Web Monitoring will be part of the Remote Management services.

Version: 12.8.1
Operating System:  - Cloud, TeamViewer Management Console
Release Date: 12.08.2020


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New Features
  • Uptime monitoring - checks the availability and the response times of your website from multiple locations around the world.
  • Page Load monitoring – allows to see how long it takes to load a complete html page in real browsers. 
  • Transaction monitoring – is a proactive website monitoring that is done by deploying behavioral scripts in a web browser to simulate the path a real customer (or end-user) takes through a website.
  • .Transaction Recorder - is a web browser plugin that enables to record interactions with a web-based application , step-by-step and store them as a script file.
  • Monitors collection - Monitor Collections allows you to group monitors in various Collections.
  • Monitors data visualization -  There are 2 ways of data visualization Table view and Chart view. The first is designed to display the list of monitors and the information relevant to them, the second - shows the historical monitoring data results per check for the specified time intervals like the last hour or 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours.


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Bug Fixes
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