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Web Monitoring and Asset Management- Improvements and Bug fixes   Version: 07.10.1 Operating System: Management Console  Release Date: 7.10.2020   .. Improvements Web Monitoring Added a link to the User Guide to the Web Monitoring dashboard Improved the Web Monitoring  License Information in User/Company Profile License related improvements to allow users to see that license is expired and what grace period they have after cancellation and also the way trials are considered as expired Add button behavior for purchased canceled licenses improvement   Monitoring & Asset Management Patch Management: implemented a significant performance improvement when requesting missing patches. This aims to improve the usability and user experience for large customers. Bug Fixes Web Monitoring Fixed crashes in the  Profile Dialog &  Transaction Monitor Edit workflow  Fixed a bug that resulted in crashing chart views when scrolling through those chart views Fixed ICMP monitors editing-related bug Fixed the issue with protocol type from the URL field in copy-paste cases. Fixed the issue with not creating a monitor in case the URL contains % symbols. Fixed  bug related to the Company (admin) accounts "insufficient permission",  Add monitor button in Overview Tab and wrong tooltip On Overview tab and Add Monitor panel for advanced monitors, also the typo related bug, and  Overview Tile (Unlicensed State) related one Fixed the issue with monitors creation after the trial was expired, and if the total number of monitor type is greater than the max value Fixed the bug related to the Company admins created sensors visibility
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Patch Management Service improvements With this update of the Patch Management Service, we improved the way patches get assigned and are being deployed based on customer feedback.  Version: 20.04.1 Operating System: Windows Release Date: 09-04-2020 Improvements We have implemented a new logic for patch deployment: If a device is not available during scheduled deployment time (e.g. offline) and will not become available within the next 2 hours, the service will skip patch deployment and will try again at the next scheduled date. The old principle of deploying as soon as a device will become available will not work anymore. When a patch policy is applied to a device, we will not immediately start the deployment.  The service will wait until the next scheduled time for patch deployment set in the policy.  Improvement: Third Entry... Bug Fixes We have solved the issue with shared devices. Devices which was shared between company accounts were not possible to patch from the secondary accounts. Currently, the issue is solved and any account which has access to the shared device can perform Patch Deployment. 
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