False Positive Detection - Quarantined

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A legitimate file from an application is detected by TeamViewer Endpoint Protection  and is quarantined. 


The majority of detections by a Security solution are real malware applications. In some rare cases, a legitimate file or application is flagged as malware and will be quarantined. 


In the rare case that the Infected file is a legitimate application/file please submit it for analysis and we will remove the detection within 24 hours if the investigation confirms that the file/application is not malware.

Please get in touch with our support for further investigation into the situation. Create a ticket

  1. Mark your Subject: Legitimate file - False positive detection
  2. Attach a copy of the threat details from the Management Console and the path of the infected item. 
  3. Archive the file as zip/rar and password protect it with the password: infected
    1. A non-password protection file will be blocked by our internal systems.
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