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Changing Community Password

I could find no way to change the password for the Community board!


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Betreff: Changing Community Password

Hi brw111,

thank you so much for your post.

The easiest way to change your password is:

Please go to
and type in your email address. After that, please click on "i forgot my password" and so you can reset it.

passwort reset.JPG 
Hope that was helpful!!!

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Betreff: Changing Community Password

Thanks Reyhan. What's still not clear to me is whether this will also change my management password. I don't remember if I was asked to create a password when joining the community or if it simply let me in once I was signed into the management console. If they're linked and there's no way to create a separate password for the community there's no point in changing it.

I stand by my criticism of the whole way the community site is organized, with too many different and inconsistent menus. Unintuitive, cumbersome and time-wasting. Really needs to be re-designed!