Posted by brw111

Community Menu Systems / Posting A New Topic

The Community menu system is unintuitive and inconsistent. Very hard to find what you're looking for. Part of the problem is some things aren't on any menu at all so you have to navigate to different pages to find what you need to do. E.g., I couldn't remember how to post a new topic and couldn't find it on any of the menus. I finally found my way to it by getting to a page that toward the bottom had a box asking something like "couldn't find what you're looking for" and a button to post a new topic. And even then when I started to type in what I wanted to do it came up with "suggestions" that obliterated the message box. Instead if should have been a drop-down menu box of some kind. There are too many different kinds of menus. There should be a single menu system with all the things a user might want to do. OK if it's broken down into submenu headings but it needs to all be in one place!