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Rollout Teamviewer 14 with Account Credentials

I want to create a Deployment package from the Teamviewer_Fill.msi that automaticly logs in to an predetermined account. The Part where i assign the Client to the Account is working properly (as far as I know), but the client wants the User still to Login with a Teamviewer-Account.

My assigning goes like this:

 TeamViewer.exe assign --api-token 5******-*******************i --group "Meine Computer" --alias %COMPUTERNAME% --proxy ***proxy.**********.de:port

How do I get the Client to take an Account, in a way that the User does not have to enter credentials for it

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Re: Rollout Teamviewer 14 with Account Credentials

Hi @wPetersen 

Thank you for your post. 

The login with specific credentials via MSI is not possible because the login is always user based. 

We recommend every user to have his/her own account with his/her own email address and password for an individual login. 

Once they sign in, they have the possibility to set the option Keep me signed in and TeamViewer will sign them in automatically every time.

Please let me know if there are any further questions.
Have a great day and all the best,