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TV 14 Mass Deployment


I'm having some difficulty deploying Teamviewer Host module via Group Policy. I'm trying to follow along with the post that was created about "Deployment via GPO for TeamViewer Host (v13.2+) / Full (v14+)."  Link: https://community.teamviewer.com/t5/Knowledge-Base/Deployment-via-GPO-for-TeamViewer-Host-v13-2-Full... I'm confused with the part about entering the correct parameters using Orca. I'm not exactly sure where and how I should be entering these parameters. I go to the "property" table and then I see "securecustomproperties" and "msihiddenproperties". Which ones should I fill? How should they look? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Posted by WilliamW

Re: TV 14 Mass Deployment

G'day Gerken,

You should be creating a new transform; never modify the original MSI using Orca. Once you've done that, add a new row to the Properties table named ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS and set it as required. If you need to change a property which already exists (Such as DESKTOPSHORTCUTS), change its value directly.

Once you're finished, generate a transform then install the MSI with the transform.