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Teamviewer 14 not signing in over Wifi


Sorry if I've doubled up on a topic but I can't seem to solve this and I've been trying for a while now.

Both PCs connect to my phone via LAN.

I have two PCs I'd like to connect to via my phone via the internet. One of the PCs does this without any issue. Unfortunatelly the second PC dosen't connect to my phone via wifi. If I connect this PC to the router via a cable then I can connect to it via my phone via the internet.

Initially I thought it might be an issue with the wifi but the first PC uses that with out issues. The same windows updates and Norton updates are present on both PCs. The same version of Teamviewer is being used on both PCs.

I've checked that the Teamviewer service is running and thats ok. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with firewalls turned off. I've installed when connected via cable and wifi to the router.

Theres a strange issue with the second PC that the only way I can get a connection is by having to access the proxy screen. I don't have to change anything but thats the only way I can get a connection. On both PCs I have to set the proxy manually. I'm also using the 5938 port for the andriod app.

The first PC signs in on start-up without issue. The second PC will not sign via wifi at all but it will sign in when connected to the router via a cable. When trying to sign in its as though it doesnt even attempt. The button greys out for approx. 0.5sec and then reverts back to blue.

I can see the second PC on the Teamviewer website and its shown as a trusted PC. I can also communicate with it via chat and so it seems the Teamviewer server has registered it.

I've checked the wifi settings on both PCs and they are the same.

I cannot find anything new to try and so have no idea on a way forward. If anyone has any ideas then I would be very grateful.


Many Thanks,


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Re: Teamviewer 14 not signing in over Wifi

I'm currently having this issue, my teamviewer cannot connect to any other pc over wifi, teamviewer just says "Unable to connect" but over ethernet connection it works just fine.