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tab display

I have 3 monitors, two at 1920X1080 and one at 2560X1080

TV displays all the info on the tabs about the host computer perfectly on one out of 3, on the other two it narrows the tabs to the point where I only see 3-4 letters of the info. If I hover the full info is displayed.

it is a real annoyance when you have 4-5 tabs open and need to go back and forth between them..


any suggestions?!?

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Re: tab display


You're not alone. I also have this same issue with using TeamViewer with 3 displays, and have screenshots to show the collapsed tabs.


Built-In Display.pngBuilt-In Display


External Monitor.pngExternal Display (collapsed tabs with artifacting)


External Monitor-2.png

I thought it was because my company was still on TeamViewer 12; however, we upgraded to TeamViewer 14, yesterday, and the tabs are still collapsing. On multiple occasions, I've accidentally disconnected a session (or two) because the 'x' takes up a quarter of the collapsed tab.

For me, the TeamViewer session tabs started collapsing after my PC installed the [re-released] October 2018 Windows 10 Update (Windows 10 Build 1809).

Until now, I've only been searching for a resolution on-and-off, but since I'm now on TeamViewer 14 and still experiencing this issue, it's become more of a hindrance than an annoyance. This will probably have to be a support ticket.


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Re: tab display

Did you ever find a resolution to this issue.  I signed on to post about this but searched first and found your post.  I had already tried engaging TV support on this issue and they sent me here.  My Windows 10 machine at work displayed the full name till a few days ago.  I did do some Windows update that same week so I am guessing it has something to do with that.  The collapsing is frustrating enough but the artifacting and other issues with tab display are unacceptable.  


I miss this:


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?! Sounds like the Re: tab display

artifacting??! Sounds like the fix is going in the wrong direction.

No, I haven't found any solution but know that hovering will show the full tab info. What's particularly frustrating is that it works perfectly on one monitor [Samsung 1920X1080] and not on a different model Samsung at the same resolution. and on my primary monitor at 2500px wide, it also doesn't display. I am not sure it that's a clue or just a frustration

Let me know what, if anything you have tried to resolve it and let's stay in touch as you poke and prod...



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Re: ?! Sounds like the Re: tab display

I opened a support ticket and got this response:

Our developers are currently working on a new version to solve the problem you are experiencing.

We do not have a specific time frame for when the fix will be available, as the version is currently being tested by QA.