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Posted by DSlammer

Combining VOIP and Phone in ONE meeting

Hello everyone.

New user here.
I am used to skype for business and gotomeeting. Trying to simulate that with teamviewer.

Most of it works 'sort of' the same. However, 2 issues remain to be solved for me:

1. How do I combine a online meeting with VOIP and a telephone call?
In other words: is it possible to offer participants the choice of participating in a meeting either online, or by phone (like skype and gotomeeting offer this).
It seems as if I must chose in advance, and set either VOIP or Phone for the entire meeting. But this seems ridiculous. What I want is a online meeting with VOIP, and the accidental participant should be able to dial in with his mobile.
Any suggestions?

2. Is it possible to have a 'fixed' (personal) meeting channel ID?
I would like to be able to invite people via a fixed invite (meeting ID etc) and not having to create new invites/ID's over and over.
My current take on this is to create a meeting with a duration of a year, starting now. But maybe there are more intelligent options, or severe disadvantages to this approach?

Hope the experts over here can help me out!

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Posted by Theobe

Re: Combining VOIP and Phone in ONE meeting


I have the same question actually (regarding the first point).

Is it possible to do voIP and phone at the same time? Every attendent has its own preferences I guess and it would make things so much easier for planning.



Posted by K_LOD_Mess

Re: Combining VOIP and Phone in ONE meeting

Same here: #1 is crucial for my business environment.

TeamViewer is completely useless to me if you cannot have mixed VoIP/dial-in participants (like in **Third Party Product**).

My default setting for corporate calls is a mixture of people who (a) do not have headsets/computer audio and (b) cannot make international calls.

ALSO: I tried this out and it appears that even I as moderator had to dial in and pay extra for the call (a lot). This is also not the case with **Third Party Product**: there, my audio comes from my headset, no matter what other participants do.