Posted by eyedoc9

No resonse to my commercial use suspected tickets

I am a personal user. I submitted multiple tickets to get a determination about commercial use suspected notices that I have been receiving. I've had this problem over the years. Each time previous to this set of notices, I emailed Fabian and he reviewed my logs and cleared my accounts. Now Esther has told me that the ticket system is the only method of clearing these notices and restoring my computers to personal use. I submitted tickets over a month ago. The response time estimate in Fabian's article in the community concerning this is pasted below. I posted my tickets over a month ago and have received no outcomes of my tickets. I tried to submit another personal email to Esther concerning the matter today, but now it shows that I have reached my limit of personal messages. I feel very unsupported and am beginning to suspect that I may never have the issue resolved. I have switched to **Third Party Product**, another free program, for my remote management needs, but prefer TeamViewer's functionality for most things I do. I hope that someone from management will see this message and see if there is any other source of help. It seems I have exhausted all other options.


How long does it take to unblock my TeamViewer?

Please know that we review every request that has been placed.

Due to the large number of requests we receive, answering the requests can take some time, although we are now aiming to solve all requests within seven days. We are sorry for the inconvenience.