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TeamViewer without monitor in remote pc

Good afternoon,

I have a problem with TeamViewer when I try accessing a remote pc without monitor. The remote pc leave any resolution configurated, when it was with monitor, to 800x600 without monitor!
I don't want to have a monitor stoped in this pc, because I only use to do downloads like a "download center"

Is it normal this or it have something that I can do to keep the resolution configured when I access the pc without a monitor?

thank you

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2 Replies
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Re: TeamViewer without monitor in remote pc

Quite a few people have this problem but Teamviewer doesn't seem to be interested in finding a cure.

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Re: TeamViewer without monitor in remote pc

Hi there, 

Thanks for your posts. 

You will find the relevant information in the following article: How do I use TeamViewer on headless systems?

I really hope, this could help and wish you all a nice weekend.