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Re: Why Can't I Control my Android Device?

Same issue - Moto X4 running Android 9

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Add-on for Zebra Handheld TC56

Hello i would like to ask if there is any add on for Zebra TC56. I am trying to remote control a device from quicksupport but there is no functionality and i am limited to view only.

Thank you

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Re: Why Can't I Control my Motorola Droid Turbo 2?

Downloaded the latest version of TeamViewer Host, got it up, but (like many others) it's only showing the screen and NOT allowing any kind of remote control.  When I clicked the little eject icon in the bottom right and clicked on the keyboard it said: "Remote side does not support remote input".

So despite Motorola being on the list of compatible devices, it's not working.

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TeamViewer on BlackBerry devices

Please remove TeamViewer from BlackBerry World. On BlackBerry10 this application does not work anymore. And disable the ban in the android application for use in BlackBerry10 devicesIMG_20190623_204505.png