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remove auto renew from my account

My company asked me to remove the auto renew option from my account.  They would like to be billed next year, or notified and a payment will be made online.  They do not keep auto-renew on any accounts because many have gone unnoticed for years.

Thanks for the help

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4 Replies
Posted by wifiwarren

Re: remove auto renew from my account

I have a business license for Teamviewer 12 and need to get a response from teamviewer on my question of removing autorenew or the process to follow i.e. who to contact.

Thank you

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Re: remove auto renew from my account

Hi @wifiwarren

Thank you for your post. Could you please contact our salesteam directly, please send your 
inquiry to

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

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Re: remove auto renew from my account

I tried to open a ticket to disable autorenew, but this was what I got as answer:

"Unfortunately, I cannot disable the auto-renewal in advance, but do not worry. We will remind you 6 weeks before auto-renewal to make sure that you are informed about it. If at that time you still wish to terminate the contract, contact us again."

This does not seem like an answer from a reputable company?! Surely I must be able to cancel the autorenew at any time, especially when there was no way to buy the product without autorenew!?

I have made an attempt to challenge the original answer I got. Let's see how it goes...

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Re: remove auto renew from my account

Dear @Ararag,

Thank you for your post. 

As you mentioned, you are currently in contact with my colleague from the Sales department. He responded to you in the ticket. I hope, he could answer all your questions. 

If you meant to terminate your subscription, this is possible at the moment. Please notice, that auto renewal is the only way to keep the discounted price. 

I hope, your case will be solved. Please contact us again, if there are any further questions. :)

I wish you a nice weekend. All the best,