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This article applies to all TeamViewer IoT users and requires TeamViewer IoT Agent 2.9 or higher. General With this feature is possible to remotely configure IoT Agent by assigning settings from TeamViewer IoT Management Console thus eliminating the need to connect remotely to the device and using Remote Terminal and enables bulk configuration of devices and groups.  This knowledge base article is how to configure (enable/disable) edge-management on the devices. How to Setup Log in TeamViewer IoT Management Console and from navigation panel click on Settings Template Click on Create Template Provide the Template Name and the Configuration Note: Currently, users can configure only Edge-Management on the device. Assignement of a Settings Template To Edge Device Any Settings Templates can be assigned to any number of devices and groups owned by the user. To assign a Settings Template, after you created, click on the right options menu and select Assign From the Menu select devices or groups needed. (searchable drop-down list will show all groups and devices) and click Save Setting Template will be assigned to selected devices or groups, configurations will be updated on the device, and device names will be listed in Settings Template list row.     Note: Depending on the edge device  performance, you need to allow some time for the settings template to assign to the device. Upon assigning to a group, all eligible devices within the group will receive the template assignment as well. Devices with unsupported IoT Agent Version as well as Shared devices will be visible in the list, but you will receive an appropriate warning message.  Unassignement of a Settings Template To unassign a settings template, from the same menu where you assign, remove the device or the group and click Save Editing a Settings Template At any time, you can modify the settings for a template. After each modification, all assigned devices will receive an updated assignment. Once the Settings Template is created, click on the right options Menu and select edit. From Menu make the required changes and click Save. To delete a template, navigate to Settings Template menu, click on the right options Menu on the desired template and select Delete. Changing Device Group to Receive Settings Template Once a Settings Template is assigned to a group, user can assign Group's template to any edge device by adding it to that group. From the left menu, click on Inventory. On the device you want to change, on the option Menu select Properties. Change group of the device to the group where the user has Settings Template assigned Check "Inherit Group Setting Configurations" checkmark and click Save. Note: After proceeding with the above steps all other Settings Templates assigned to that device will be unassigned and Group template will be applied. User can also move a device to a group without assigning Settings Template of the group by leaving the "Inherit" checkmark unchecked, in this case, device settings will be managed independently from the group.  
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