Getting Started with Rules & Notifications to Monitor your IoT Network

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This article applies to all TeamViewer IoT users who monitor their IoT network.


A key part of managing your IoT network is being able to respond as soon as possible to events or anomalies requiring action. TeamViewer IoT allows you to create flexible notifications  to easily manage your messages and alerts.

Getting Started with Rules, Notifications, Topics, & Channels

You can manage all your notifications from the TeamViewer IoT Cloud Notifications page or, if you have the Rule Engine on the Edge installed, from the TeamViewer IoT Edge Management Application.

Once you set up your Rules and notification preferences, you will receive alerts when a Rule exceeds its defined threshold (e.g. Temperature exceeding 25ºC).  

Rule is comprised of a Condition (e.g. Device is offline, Temperature > 25ºC) and a Topic.  If the Rule condition is met, a message will be published to the specified Topic.  A Topic is simply a method to associate one or more Channels to a Rule, where a Channel is a communication method (an email or webhook).

Creating Rules

Rules can be created for any of your metrics or devices:

  • You can create Device Rules, which will monitor your device status, from the Devices page, by clicking the Rule icon next to your Device status.
  • You can create Metric Rules, which will monitor your sensors/metrics, from the Metrics page, by clicking the Rule icon next to your metric.

Creating Topics

Topics can be created from the Notifications -> Topics page. 

Topic is comprised of a name and one or more subscribers, called Channels.  Once a Topic is linked to a Rule, notifications will be sent to all Channels linked to the Topic.

CautionTopics can be created without any Channels and linked to Rules.  In this scenario, notifications will not be sent as there are no specified Channels.  You can add Channels to your Topics at any time, during or after creation of the Topic.

Creating Channels

Channels can be created from the Notifications -> Channels page. 

A Channel is comprised of a Type (webhook or email) , an Endpoint (webhook URL or email address), and one or more subscribed  Topics.  Once a Topic is linked to a Rule, notifications will be sent to all Channels linked to the Topic.

Webhooks and emails need to be confirmed prior to being activated (ready for use) in order to prevent abuse of non-owned mediums.  Once a Channel is created, a confirmation message is sent to the endpoint to allow the owner to confirm it within a 24 hour period.

Note: Channels can be created without any subscribed Topics.  You can subscribe to Topics at any time, during or after the creation of the Channel.

Reference Webhook Sample Messages for details regarding webhook message formats.

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