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This article applies to all TeamViewer IoT users. who monitor their IoT network.

This guide will provide an example of how to integrate with using TeamViewer IoT Webhooks.

On the TeamViewer IoT dashboard, you can configure Webhook alerts to integrate your IoT solution with many third parties.  Webhooks trigger further actions like sending a text message or sending a notification via your messenger like Telegram by using a service like

 After you sign up with Ifttt, click on New Applet to create a new applet:



Set a trigger by clicking on +this


Enter Webhooks on the search field and select Webhooks



After confirming, select an Event name for the trigger like alert


Then create the trigger and select a service like email



After creating the action, you will see a confirmation, that your Applet is configured, though you now have to configure the webhook and the action (email). So go back to My Applets and switch to the tab Services and configure your Webhooks


Then click on Settings to find your Webhook URL like


Copy the URL and enter it on your web browser 



Remember, our trigger we configured earlier was alert so replace the "{event}" with alert on the URL and you now have the webhook URL, that you enter on the IoT dashboard under Add Rule.


Congratulations! You have successfully configured your trigger!

Don´t forget to go ahead and configure your email account at Ifttt and test the connection by entering the webhook URL on your browser and check your inbox if an email has arrived.

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