This article applies to all TeamViewer IoT users.

The solution presented in this article requires TeamViewer IoT Agent v 2.8.14 (or higher). To identify the version of your agent, run: sudo teamviewer-iot-agent info (an error, or no result, indicates an older version of the agent is installed).

Installing the TeamViewer IoT Agent

To install the TeamViewer IoT agent on the remote device, follow this guide. Make sure to repeat these steps on every device you want to monitor with TeamViewer IoT.

  1. Open the TeamViewer IoT Dashboard under and log in with your TeamViewer account credentials.
  2. In the Home tab click on the Add Device button.add_devicepng.png 
  3. On Select Your Device chose the right installation package depending on your hardware. In this example, we selected the Raspberry Pi 4. choose_device.png
  4. After selecting your device, you need to choose or type a Group. Please note that the group which are shared with you will not appear in this list.   select_add_group.png
  5. Open a remote terminal like putty or use the native terminal of the device and enter the provided commands from the text boxinstallation.png.
  6. After running the commands in the remote terminal, you need to accept the License Agreementlicense.png.
  7. A prompt message will appear with successful installation. The device will be automatically added to the Devices tab in the TeamViewer IoT Dashboard and can be identified by its hostname. It will be placed in the Group selected or created in the Computers and Contacts list in Teamviewer application.assigned.png


Upgrading the TeamViewer IoT Agent

To upgrade an existing version of the TeamViewer IoT Agent to the latest version, reference the agent upgrade article.

De-provisioning an Agent and removing it from your Account

To de-provision the TeamViewer IoT agent from the remote device, run the de-provisioning command from your IoT device:

Note: All attached sensors and metrics on the dashboard will be automatically deleted.

sudo teamviewer-iot-agent unmanage

Alternatively, you can delete the device from your Computer & Contacts list. This will result in the same behavior as the de-provisioning command.

Note: For a complete list of TeamViewer IoT Agent commands, run this command:

sudo teamviewer-iot-agent --help


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