This article applies to TeamViewer IoT users who monitor their IoT networks.


This article describes how to create multi-condition rules on more than one device or metric and get rule based Alarms with severity levels and  Notifications in your Cloud environment. 

Rule types

Rules are yet limited by 2 predefined types - Metric Threshold and Device Offline

  • Metric Threshold type is generated based on the threshold applied on metric(s) when the specified condition is violated
  • Device Offline  type is generated based on the abnormal state of the device(s) or metric(s) (in future), for example when no data is received from a device or metric for a period more than two minutes

Creating Rules

Multi-condition rules can be created for any of your metrics or devices. 

  • You can create Metric Threshold rules, by clicking both the Create Rule icon next to specified metric in the Metrics list and by clicking  Add Rule button in the Rules page
  • You can create Device Offline rules both from the Device's page, by selecting the Create rule from "hamburger" menu list or by clicking  Add Rule button in the Rules page

When already selected the rule type, you can multi-select and add the desired metric(s) or device(s) you want to put thresholds on in List builder field. 

The Metrics and Devices search fields have possibility to filter via Metric, Device and/or Sensor name and brings below all the corresponding rows containing the match. 

Note: While selected Device Offline rule type the drop-down list in List builder reflects only device(s) name(s).







Creating Alarms

Each time when threshold triggers, a unique Alarm with specified severity is created. 

Alarm severity defines how important the alarm is. We support the following alarm severity levels: Warning, Minor, Major and Critical.

Warning Be warned. Yellow
Minor Minor problem. Dark Yellow
Major Something important has happened. Orange
Critical Disaster. Financial losses, etc. Red

The maximal number of thresholds in the single Rule is 4, equal to number of severity levels.  



Visualization of Alarms

All the open alarms are reflected in the Alarms list and can be filtered by severity levels, type, creation time and etc., also users can see metric or device specific alarms correspondingly in Devices and Metrics pages 


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