This article applies to all TeamViewer IoT users who monitor their IoT network.

The solution presented in this article requires TeamViewer IoT Agent v 1.1.107 (or higher).  To identify the version of your agent, run: sudo teamviewer-iot-agent info (an error, or no result, indicates an older version of the agent is installed).


This article describes how to add the TeamViewer IoT Real Time Rule-Engine-on-the-Edge to the TeamViewer IoT Edge Management App for real time rules processing.  Create rules to evaluate sensor/metric data and be notified of events.  For more information regarding creating rules, reference: Getting Started with Notifications to Monitor your IoT Network


Step 1 - Install dependencies

The application requires 350MB free disk space for the following to be installed on the device:

  1. TeamViewer IoT Agent - v 1.1.107 or greater
    • For details, reference:
    • To identify the installed version, run the following command: (an error, or no result, indicates an older version of the agent is installed)
      sudo teamviewer-iot-agent info
  2. TeamViewer IoT Edge Management Application
    • For details, reference: TeamViewer IoT Edge Management Application
    • Note:  The Rule Engine on the Edge is an add-on to the TeamViewer IoT Edge Management Application.  Once the Rule Engine on the Edge is started, the Edge Management Application will automatically include the new features.
  3. Docker CE (Community Edition)
  4. Docker Compose - v 3.4  or greater

Step 2 - Enable Rule Engine client

To enable the rule engine client run:

teamviewer-iot-agent enable client --rule-engine

Step 3 - Download the configuration file

From your device running the TeamViewer IoT Agent, download the configuration file: 


Step 4 - Start the Edge Rule Engine Application

From the same folder containing the file downloaded in Step 2, run:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-re.yml up -d

Step 5 - Creating Rules on the Edge Rule Engine

Step 6 - Troubleshooting

  • To ensure the Rule Engine is running correctly, run the following command from the terminal after completing Step 3.
    docker-compose ps
    • Note the Status column for the Rule Engine Image should show the image is running.

Step 7 - Advanced Configuration

By default, the Rule Engine is installed and started on the same device hosting the TeamViewer IoT Agent.  The Rule Engine can also be hosted on a separate system. In this case, the TeamViewer IoT Edge Management Application needs to be configured to point to the custom location of the Rule Engine.

The location is specified by the URL parameter in the application configuration file

  • /usr/local/teamviewer-iot-agent/monitoring/teamviewer-iot-edge-device-management/config/modules-config.js.


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