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This article applies to all TeamViewer IoT users who monitor their IoT network.


The TeamViewer IoT Node.js SDK is a development kit to facilitate integration of sensors to the IoT Agent MQTT API to allow for secure data registration and transfer to your TeamViewer IoT Cloud. 

Download & Installation

Step 1 - Install dependencies

The SDK requires the following to be installed on the device:

  • Node.js 6.14.0 (Recommended version 8.3.0) or higher Long Term Support (LTS) version

Step 2 - Download the SDK

Download the SDK by either Clicking on the link or using the command line:

  • TeamViewer IoT Node.js SDK



Step 3 - Extract & install the SDK

Upon download completion, extract the contents of the application:

sudo tar -zxvf teamviewer-iot-sdk-nodejs-v1.0.2.tar.gz

cd teamviewer-iot-sdk-nodejs

sudo npm install

Step 4 - Run Examples

To run the SDK example, execute the following commands:

sudo node ./examples/create_metric.js
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