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This article applies to TeamViewer IoT users who has the data generated in Node-Red environment and need these data to be sent to TeamViewer-IoT cloud dashboard.


For Node-Red programming environment TeamViewer provides a node which can be used to interact with TeamViewer IoT agent. The node can be used to create sensors/metrics and to push data to the TeamViewer-IoT cloud.

A basic knowledge of Linux command line and Node-Red environment is required. The article describes the installation process for Raspberry-Pi 3 Model B hardware.


Download and install the TeamViewer IoT Node-Red plugin

  1. SSH into your device where TeamViewer IoT Agent is installed using your credentials
  2. Download TeamViewer IoT Node-Red plugin      
$ wget

     3.   Unpack the plugin next to the "teamviewer-iot-sdk-nodejs" folder.

$ unzip [path]/
  1. Go to your node-red directory (in our case it is)
$ cd /home/.node-red/
  1. Build the plugin
$ npm install [extracted package path]
  1. Restart the node-red  
$ node-red-start

Application development

Open the node-red web interface from your web browser.From the left panel choose  datanode and configure as presented in the picture



Put the TeamViewer node and configure it as described on information panel.


Connect a data source to the node and run the program.

Examine the results

Open TeamViewer-IoT dashboard and make sure you have the data coming from the Agent.

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