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Remote screen for embedded Qt application on EGL

Hi Guys,

I am working on the following setup: Raspberry pi with Raspbian Lite running a Qt application that is rendered using the EGL interface. EGL gives me the best performance but I have been unable to get remote access to my application via teamviewer that way. TeamViewer IoT runs on the pi and when I render the application directly to the fb I can see it remotely but it doesn't recognize any inputs. 

In this post:


The possibility to include a teamviewer SDK in a Qt application. Does anyone have experience with this? How could i get remote access to my application?

Thank you for your help!

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2 Replies
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Re: Remote screen for embedded Qt application on EGL


The 3rd option for remote screen grabbing for Teamviewer IoT is currently still in beta phase. This means that it is not yet publicly available.

A preliminary of the SDK for QT applications version can be obtained by signing an NDA with Teamviewer. For this please send a request to Nils.Larcher@teamviewer.com

Please excuse this inconvenience

Thank you


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Re: Remote screen for embedded Qt application on EGL

Ohh will it work?