Importing asset list from teamviewer manager

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Importing asset list from teamviewer manager

My manager doesnt realy know how to operate teamviewer at an expert level, so when he made me a user account, suprize!, none of the assets are available to me. Also the ability to import them returns with "you dont have sucficiant rights to perform this operation." can any one tell me what to tell my manager to do step by step to beable to get our full list of devices on my user account?

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Re: Importing asset list from teamviewer manager

Hi @mikecentral2011 

Thanks for the post. 

The easiest way is to make sure your account has enough rights, I would advise to promote it to Administrator. This can be done from the original account in the User management Tab in the Management Console. 

Then from the original account, all groups have to be shared with full rights to your account so you can see assets and alarms.

If you encounter any troubles get in touch with our colleagues from support to guide you in the process.

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