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Where are all these avatars ?

I got the comunity main page, and I see:
"Take a look at what's going on lately"

but I want more, so I click "Show More" button.

And now I'm here:

And you now what , I'm confused, where are all these avatars ?

I would love to show them there.

Please follow this to Lithium.


mLipok , AutoIt MVP

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Re: Where are all these avatars ?

Since this site shows not only forum posts, but also knowledge base articles or whatever else, it is more important to show where a contribution comes from, because this is an information, while avatars are only gimmick. It could also be that some post types have no user information available and that would lead to different types of information in the same place or it would require an exception, which in my opinion both are bad ideas.

I would like to have a page that doesn't show posts, but threads. This would make this page much more clear. At the moment if there is heavy discussion in a thread, this page shows over and over posts from the same thread in the worst case over pages. It should also have additional informations, that are missing yet, apart from avatars. e.g. Number of (new) answers/views or if i am involved, which in fact could be achieved by adding the avatar of everybody, who has contributed to a thread - of course with the possibility, to be disabled ;-)

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Re: Where are all these avatars ?

hi mLipok, 

Thanks for mentioning this to us. Let me explain the logic behind the landing page where you see this component:Take a look.PNG

The "Show more" button leads you the recent posts page, and as @elbea64 already noticed, this is a blend of different conversation styles like Blog, Knowledgebase and Forum posts, indicated by the different icons. 

If you want to navigate through threads, you need to go to a board. This can be done in three ways:

  1. using a Category logo on the landing page and then pick a Board through one of the tiles (note that if only one board is available you will be forwarded to this board automatically)
  2. through the menu on the right
  3. clicking in a "breadcrumb" path (eg. Community > TeamViewer > TeamViewer 12 )

The URL gives you a hint whether you are on a board page (.../t5/General/bd-p) as opposed to the category page (....ct-p/en).

The Board page shows you threads with the first and latest contributor to the thread as you see for example here:
thread on board page.PNG

Hope this explanation helps to give you a better community experience,

Best regards,

Benjamin Blom

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Re: Where are all these avatars ?

@elbea64 I understand it is a bit heard to keep an overview about what open and unread posts there are in the community. We are looking into this and imagine a component on the landing page showing all unanswered topics. 

Your idea of additional information like involved user avatars and new answers is interesting, but it would clutter the board page a bit. 

We will have a look if there are other ways to have a better overview.

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