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"Search first" in the Community

Hi community members,

Today I would like to talk about the search function of our community and I want to provide some guidance in regards to the search function and clarify the questions:

1. Why does it make sense to use the search function?

2. Where do I find the search function and how does the search function work?

Why does it make sense to use the search function?

Since we are already having hundreds of different topics und thousands of posts, it is most likely that your question has already been asked and answered by other users.

Take a moment to search for this before you post your question to the community.
`Why´ you may ask: Well, if there is already a post with your question and an answer, you do not need to post a question and spend your time in the editor, you can just lean back and read the answer.

In addition to that, the possibility that you are getting a reply to a question, which already has been answered is relatively low. So just make it as easy for you and the other community members and search first.

Where do I find the search fuction and how does it work?

Also, it is pretty easy to find the search function in the TeamViewer Community as it is on top of most of all Community pages.

Search field.pngThe search function is following a logic, which makes the search even easier.

1. When you are on the start page, the search fuction will search all community:

All community.png2. When you are in a category (e.g. the TeamViewer category) it will focus on this category:

This category.png3. When you are on the board level, the search function will search in this particular board (e.g. TeamViewer 12):

this board.pngYou can always change the search-area by clicking on the drop down menu and choose another search area:

DropDown.pngYou have the possibility to choose the all Community level, or the Knowledge Base only or you can of course search for a specific user.

When you are in a specific board, you could also choose to search in the whole category.

Let me know if you are having further questions about the search.

Happy searching,


Community Manager

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