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Japanese and Chinese Community launch

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that we launched two new instances of our TeamViewer Community which are supporting our Chinese and Japanese speaking customers and free users.

The team of the Japanese Community (日本語コミュニティ) and the Chinese Community (中文社区) are looking forward to receiving a lot of new members.

Our moderators are happy to assist our Community members, and they are looking forward to building positive and productive platforms where we all can share our knowledge, best practices and questions about and with TeamViewer, ITbrain and TeamViewer IoT.

The Communities will offer our users translated as well as newly designed Knowledge Base articles and of course the possibility to ask questions about TeamViewer, ITbrain and TeamViewer IoT in the forums part of the communities.

We are still working on updating our Knowledge Base articles so that all links, all screenshots, and all information are up to date and in proper Japanese and Chinese. Thank you for your understanding that the work on the articles is still in progress.

How to reach the Communities?

If your browser is set to Japanese or Chinese, you will be directed in the language community by default. If this does not work for you, you can switch between the different Communities easily by changing the language in the footer of all community pages (1) or via your profile settings (2) or you can just click on the links I posted above:



 Thank you and all the best,



Community Manager

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