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Meet the Team

Hi all,

Today I would like to take a moment to introduce the Community Team to you.

You may have already seen us in the “Online Member” overview, read some of our posts and maybe received Kudos from one or more of us.

Our main task within the Community is to provide a platform where TeamViewer users can help each other and make the Community a flourishing, positive and productive place for all of us.

Who we are

The Community Team consists of the Community Manager, Moderators and Technical Support Engineers.

We are proud to have a global presence as parts of our team are in Germany, USA, and Australia. This makes it possible for us to maintain the Community all day long no matter what your geographic location is.

In Australia, our moderators Yuri and Ying_Q handle the first shifts in the Community and receive technical support from our Support Engineers William and Ryan. Ying is also taking care of our Chinese Community while Yuri is taking care of our Japanese Community.

When Yuri, Ying, Ryan, and Wiliam have completed their shift in the land down under, the moderation task is transported to Western Europe where our German team Moderators Natascha,  Alena_C, and Jean take the reins and assist our Community members. They also have our Support Engineer Julia standing by to help with any technical questions.

Natascha also takes care of our German Community., Alena is responsible for our Spanish Community, and Jean takes care of our French Community.

Finally, closing out the day from across the pond is Josh from our USA office. If there is a question that requires technical assistance, Support Engineers Aaron and Willian will step in to help. And if it comes to any Linux related questions, there is Christian you can trust in.

What we do

Our Team is here to support the Community in whatever way necessary to ensure that all users continue to find valuable and relevant information regarding TeamViewer!

We are excited to see all members interact with each other and lend a helping hand to fellow TeamViewer users with hopes that the TeamViewer Community will become a central location to share knowledge and help each other.

One last thing: This is TeamViewer



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Posted by TilgazTizi

Re: Meet the Team

It is nice to see you have a team to answer questions.  Unfortunately it seems that posted questions are not responded to, see:

I posted this question weeks ago and still have no answer.  Perhaps you can tell me when and if I can expect one.

Thank you

Posted by Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Meet the Team

Hi @TilgazTizi

Thank you for your post.

The TeamViewer Community is a user-driven community, where TeamViewer users are answering other users questions and support each other. Although there are also TeamViewer staff members active in the community, we can't guarantee a staff reply.

Thank you and all the best, Esther.

Posted by john6054

Re: Meet the Team

I have posted a question a few days ago with no reply. I am unable to use the program and would like some assistance? 

Posted by slgarvey

Thank You

Hi there,

I just want to thank Team Viewer for allowing me to use the free version.  I am a “Nun” and have an IT background.  I help the Nuns in my order with IT problems, thanks to this free service allowing me remote access.  It’s a wonderful help. God bless you!  Sr. Sheila 

Posted by Sam-redbeard

Re: Meet the Team

Hi, it's great to have a supportive knowledgable team.
I use Teamviewer in a church context and as a volunteer, usually to fetch something off one machine to do something on another one e.g. if it's faster and to hand hold my friends in church, some of them quite old. But recently I keep being told that I am operating commercially, which I am definately not, as I get no remuneration for it.

I have filled in a very detailed form outlining exactly and for each machine what happens, but haven't had neither positive nor negative acknowledgement. As a volunteer e.g. to carry out some extra tweeks e.g. to OBS I can't spend hours down at the church, whereas with TV I could fit things around and from home.
I've tried phoning, both the English and the German office, but if you use the free version of TV there is no way to talk to anyone and explain, only the form and by all accounts by others on the internet it appears a pointless excercise. :-(
(my email: [email removed by moderator])