Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

Today I would like to take a moment to introduce the Community Team to you.

You may have already seen us in the “Online Member” overview, read some of our posts and maybe received Kudos from one or more of us.

Our main task within the Community is to provide a platform where TeamViewer users can help each other and make the Community a flourishing, positive and productive place for all of us.

Who we are

The Community Team consists of the Community Manager, Moderators and Technical Support Engineers.

We are proud to have a global presence as parts of our team are in Germany, USA and Australia. This makes it possible for us to maintain the Community all day long no matter what your geographic location is.

In Australia, Moderators Scott and Jay handle the first shift in the Community and receive technical support from our Support Engineers William and Ryan.

When Scott and Jay have completed their shift in the land down under, the moderation task is transported to Western Europe where our German team Moderators Reyhan and Katharina take the reins and assist Community members. They also have Support Engineers Julia and Jeremy standing by to help with any technical questions.

Finally, closing out the day from across the pond is Jonathan and Kevin from our USA office. If they come across a question that requires technical assistance, they have Support Engineers Aaron and Willian to help.

What we do

Our Team is here to support the Community in whatever way necessary to ensure that all users continue to find valuable and relevant information regarding TeamViewer!

We are excited to see all members interact with each other and lend a helping hand to fellow TeamViewer users with hopes that the TeamViewer Community will become a central location to share knowledge.



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