Yuri_T has earned 24 badges!
  • Essayist
    ‎16 May 2018,
    Earned by 2,113
    Astonishing! You achieved some minor visibility in the community by contributing.
  • Emerging Author
    Emerging Author
    ‎16 May 2018,
    Earned by 631
    Impressive! You start to become well known among your peers.
  • Novelist
    ‎18 May 2018,
    Earned by 108
    Unbelievable! You are one of the most widely recognized writers in the community.
  • Columnist
    ‎23 May 2018,
    Earned by 21
    It's great to see your contribution in this Community! Kudos to you!
  • Creator
    ‎23 May 2018,
    Earned by 8
    We really like people like you: filled with ideas and thoughts and happy to share them with us!
  • Scriptor
    ‎01 Jun 2018,
    Earned by 5
    Writer's block is clearly not part of your vocabulary. All the better for us!
  • Known Author
    Known Author
    ‎25 Jul 2018,
    Earned by 5
    Thanks for keep on rocking our Community!
  • Top Contributor
    Top Contributor
    ‎16 Aug 2018,
    Earned by 4
    Fantastic to see all your posts in our Community! Thanks for giving our Community your great input.
  • Bestseller
    ‎12 Oct 2018,
    Earned by 3
    If our Community were a book store - your posts would be the bestsellers!
  • Emmy
    ‎22 May 2018,
    Earned by 2,073
    Respect! You showed that you can deliver on a small scale. Time to ramp up your performance and visibility.
  • Grammy
    ‎20 Jul 2018,
    Earned by 173
    Make some noise! Whenever you open your mouth, people love what comes out of it and listen to every single word.
  • Oscar
    a month ago
    Earned by 19
    Wow! Your are a star in the community and people drop everything when you deliver your lines.
  • Messenger
    ‎14 May 2018,
    Earned by 575
    Awesome! You started to interact with the community. Strive for more.
  • Emissary
    ‎05 Jun 2018,
    Earned by 59
    Stunning! Your answers are a welcome addition to the community. Keep it up.
  • Ambassador
    ‎20 Jul 2018,
    Earned by 27
    Incredible! Our users appreciate your answers and so do we. Thank you.
  • Scout
    ‎03 Oct 2018,
    Earned by 20
    Whenever I would have a question, I would hope for an answer from you! Shout out to you!
  • Herald
    ‎14 Jan 2019,
    Earned by 12
    You know what you are talking about! And thanks to you, the others could learn a lot from the best!
  • Helping Hand
    Helping Hand
    a month ago
    Earned by 6
    The Community knows that they can rely on your replies!
  • Expert
    ‎26 Jun 2018,
    Earned by 31
    Excellent! Whenever people post a question, they can be sure that you are around to answer it.
  • Professor
    ‎01 Aug 2018,
    Earned by 22
    Magnificent! Your knowledge surpasses that of most of your peers and rivals our support staffs'.
  • Professional
    ‎25 May 2018,
    Earned by 538
    Beautiful! The community started to recognize your skills and will demand more.
  • Appreciator
    ‎13 Jun 2018,
    Earned by 382
    Some give and some take. You seem to belong to the first group of people, keeping alive the community with your generosity.
  • Promotor
    ‎30 Oct 2018,
    Earned by 59
    Thank you! You really give a benefit to your Community!
  • Expert Day 2018
    Expert Day 2018
    ‎19 Sep 2018,
    Earned by 15
    Wow - you really know TeamViewer on an expert level! Thanks for joining the TeamViewer Expert Day 2018.