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This article applies to all blizz users and customers.



Every blizz account has its own Contacts list.

In this list, you can easily save all your blizz contacts for instant chats, meetings, and collaboration.

The Contacts list acts similar to your telephone book on your mobile.


Adding contacts

Manually adding contacts

A blizz contact is based on an E-Mail address.

You can easily add contacts to your blizz account by entering their email address.

Note: Access to Outlook is only available with Windows


  1. Navigate to Contacts  within your blizz software:01_Contacts.png
  2. Click Add Contact02_Contacts.png
  3. In the Add Contact field, enter an email address and click Add03_Contacts.png
  4. In case there is not yet a blizz account associated with this address, you have the possibility to send an invitation. If you want to invite the person to create a blizz account, click Send Invite.04_Contacts.png
  5. The contact will receive an email invitation to create a blizz/TeamViewer account. The address already appears in your Contacts but you can not yet send chat messages or start to send a meeting invite. You can revoke your invitation as long as no blizz account has been created.


Importing Contacts from Outlook

In addition to adding accounts manually to your Contacts, you can also allow blizz to access your Outlook contacts so that these contacts are available to you directly in blizz. See below.

You can import contacts from your Outlook directly into your blizz Contacts.

  1. Navigate to the Contacts and click Import Outlook Contacts.07_Contacts.png
  2. A dialog box with all available contacts will open.
    1. In case you receive a message that prompts you to enable the Allow Access to Outlook option, you first need to activate the corresponding checkbox in the blizz options; See Contact Setting in Outlook below.
  3. Select the contacts that you would like to import.
  4. Click Add Contacts to List and confirm with OK
  5. The contacts are saved in your Contacts 
  6. Now, please navigate to the imported contact, and send the invite. If the contact has multiple addresses, please choose which email address you would like to use to send the invite.08_Contacts.png



Contact Settings in Outlook

You can set whether and to what extent blizz can access your Outlook contacts.

  1. Navigate via the gear wheel icon to the blizz Options --> Manage ContactsPic 10.png
  2. Configure the desired settings:
Allow Access to Outlook If you want to allow access to Outlook data, activate this checkbox.
Use Profile

If you want blizz to have access to your local Outlook profile, select this option.

The drop-down list on the right side contains the names of your Outlook accounts and the general Outlook entry.

Select an account that Blizz should have access to or select Outlook to allow access to all of the accounts.

Use Username and Password

If you want blizz to use a username and password to access Outlook, select this option.

This setting allows blizz to access Outlook data regardless of which device is being used.

delete If you want to clear out the Outlook contacts after importing them, click this button.



Deleting a Contact 

In case you want to delete a contact from your list you do no longer need, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts and click on the contact that you want to delete. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner05_Contacts.png
  2. Click on Delete to delete the contact. There won´t be a second factor to confirm the deletion. If you deleted a contact accidentally, please add him/her again as described above.06_Contacts.png



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