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In this article, you will see how a blizz meeting works and our best practices on how to use it.


How to start a blizz meeting

To start a blizz meeting, open your blizz application and click on Meeting and Start Meeting.



Once the meeting has started, due to privacy reasons:

  • Your desktop screen will not be shared
  • Your cam will be turned off
  • Your microphone will be turned off

2_Starting the meeting.png
How to share my screen

If you want to share your desktop screen with all other participants, please click on Share Screen:

3_Share screen.png

A green frame will appear, as shown below. This green frame indicates, that your screen is successfully shared with the participants. 

Bild 2.png

If you want to stop the screen sharing, please click on the following icon:

3_2_Stop screen sharing.png

If you want to pause the screen sharing, please click on the following icon:

3_3_Pause screen sharing.png

The frame of your meeting will turn orange. To resume your screen sharing simply click on the same button and you will see the message pop up Screen sharing started. Your meeting frame will turn green again.

To resume the screen sharing in a call, click on the Select Screen button in the lower menu, and click on Request Screen Sharing.

 Bild 11.png

If you would like to know more about controlling screen sharing, please visit this article.

How do I activate the camera and the microphone

To activate your camera or your microphone, please click on the camera or on the microphone icons as shown below:

4_Activate camera and mic.png

Once you click on them, they will turn green, which means that they are activated.

Video meetingVideo meeting
Audio MeetingAudio Meeting

Note: You can of course also activate your camera and your microphone at the same time. To do this, you just have to click on the camera and the microphone icon.


Starting a meeting from the Contacts list

Use this option if the desired participants are already part of your contact list. If you would like to add a new contact to your Blizz account, please visit this article for instructions. 

1. On the navigation bar, click Contacts.



2. Select the desired contact.


Bild 17.png


Hint: The desired participant has be online.

3. Click on Meeting and wait until the participant accepts.


Bild 18.png


How to invite offline participants (or participants who do not have a Blizz account)

You can use this feature for participants who do not have a Blizz account or who are offline. 

1. In the navigation bar click on the Blizz Options.


2. Go to the Custom Invitation tab. On the dialog there is an Invitation message that you can modify with your meeting information.

Bild 20.png

3. Click on Test invitation

Bild 21.png

  • If you click Open as e-Mail, an e-mail with this text opens in your default mail program, e.g. Outlook.


Bild 22.png


  • If you click Copy to Clipboard, you can copy the text to another application.


Bild 23.png


Hint: If you select the telephone option, the dial-in telephone number is displayed on the Blizz panel on the lower left side. From there you can choose the desired country. 


Bild 24.png


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