This article applies to all blizz customers with a Core, Crew or Company license.



The blizz User management allows you to manage the blizz licenses in your company in the role of an administrator. You can assign and change licenses to your company´s employees anytime to always have the perfect set up for your company.


Access the User management

You can easily access the User Management via the blizz software or a direct link.


Access via the blizz software

To access the User management via the blizz software, please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your blizz account in the blizz software
  2. Click on the gearwheel in the upper left area of the app and choose User managementAccess via app.png
  3. The User management opens in your default browser


Access via a direct link

You can easily access the blizz User management via this link:

If you will not be logged in automatically, please log in with your blizz account credentials.


Features within the User management


Company name

See and edit your company name.



See the details of your blizz subscription incl. the following information:

  • Subscription name (e.g Company)
  • Valid until
  • Your subscription key
  • Quantity of Meeting Organizers for the license
  • Assigned user to license
  • You can also delete the current subscription from your company profile. This allows you to activate a new license and to reuse the current subscription for another company profile: 

Delete subscription.png

  • Also, there is a direct link to the blizz homepage (Webshop) where you can get more information and update your current subscription



In the users' section, you can see all active users of your company profile incl. the following information

  • User name
  • E-Mail Address
  • Role (e.g administrator)
  • subscription assigned to the user

You can also edit the different users:

  • Change name and e-Mail address
  • Set the user active or inactive (e.g. if a user is currently on vacation or parental leave).
  • Assign a license 
  • Manage permissions
    • User
    • Administrator
    • Company administrator
  • Reset password
  • Remove user from company profile

Via the Add User Button, you can add an existing user (=an existing TeamViewer or blizz account) to your company profile. For this, you need to send the user this link:

After the user clicks on it, he will be asked to type in your email address to confirm that he joins the correct company profile.


Show inactive users

You can decide whether you want to see all users within your company profile or only the active users.

Activate this function in case you want to re-activate a user who has been set to inactive before.

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