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This article applies to all blizz users and customers.


You can enable the blizz Office Integration to make using blizz even more convenient when using Microsoft Office.


The following features are available for this:

  • Presence Status
  • Starting Meetings in Office
  • Scheduling Meetings in Outlook


Installing the blizz Office Integration

You can install the Office Integration via your blizz menu within the blizz software.

Note: The Office integration does not take effect until you have installed the
feature via the blizz menu.

  1. Navigate to the blizz menu by clicking the gear wheel icon--> Install
    Office Integration01_OfficeIntegration.png
  2. Follow the instructions.
    1. It is possible that you will be prompted for an admin password to start the installtion.
  3. Please restart Blizz and your Microsoft Office programs as soon as you are prompted to do so


Presence Status

In all areas where MS Office shows the name of a contact saved within your blizz contacts – especially in Outlook – the blizz presence status will be displayed.02_OfficeIntegration.png


The following presence statuses are available:

  • Online      (= green circle)
  • Invisible   (= grey circle)
  • Busy        (= red circle)
  • Away       (= yellow circle)

You can choose your own presence status on the tab with your user name:



Hint: If you do not see the Presence Status even after installing the Office Integration, please install the Microsoft Office presence integration via the blizz options. 


For this, navigate to the blizz options by clicking the gear wheel icon --> Options --> Integrations --> under Microsoft Office presence integration --> choose Install

  1. 03_OfficeIntegration.png

In addition, presence statuses also appear in Microsoft Office when integration is enabled. They are represented by a colored dot or bar next to the names.


Starting Chats in Outlook

You can start a chat directly with a contact wherever the presence status appears by clicking on the speecebubble icon that appears on the PopUp when hovering over the name of your contact.


 The blizz software opens and allows you to send a direct chat message to your partner.


Starting Meetings in Outlook

You can start a meeting directly with a contact wherever the presence status appears.

Start a meeting or call by clicking on the three dots that appears on the PopUp when hovering over the name of your contact --> Call email-address 07_OfficeIntegration.png

The blizz software sends a meeting request to your partner and s/he gets a promt to join the meeting on his/her screen.


Scheduling Meetings in Outlook

You can schedule blizz meetings directly within Outlook and send invitations to the participants

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click New Meeting for blizz08_OfficeIntegration.png
  3. A new meeting invite will open. If desired, you can customize the text and other information.
  4. Enter the email address of the participants.
  5. Click Send.

A meeting appointment will be created in Outlook and a scheduled meeting will be created in blizz, which will appear on the Scheduler tab.

  • If you edit or delete the meeting within Outlook, the Scheduler will be updated accordingly.
  • If you edit or delete the meeting within blizz, you need to update Outlook separately.


Managing the Office Integration

Office integration is active after it has been installed. However, you can disable or completely uninstall it.

Navigate to the blizz options by clicking on the gear wheel icon --> Options --> Integrations.

Here you can configure the settings as desired.

Install Click this button to install the integration.

Click this button to install the integration.

(Only appears when the integration is installed)

Uninstall Click this button to uninstall the integration.
Status Enable or disable integration by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down list.


Note: If you are not logged on as an administrator on your device, you must enter the administrator password when you change a setting.

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