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using iPad to log into Windows laptop

I have the free version of TeamViewer.  I've used it in the past for technicians to connect to my laptop.  But I haven't used it myself for me to log in remotely.  I hope someone will be willing to answer some very basic questions for me. 
I am going on vacation next week, and would like to use my iPad Pro to log into my home Windows laptop. I was able to successfully do this, when I was sitting right in front of my laptop.  However, that's because I could see the the "partner id" and password on my laptop screen.  So, here are my questions.
Will the the partner id and password always be the same numbers, since I won't be able to see them on my screen? 
Will they stay the same, even if the session ends on my laptop?  And, even if the session ends on my iPad?
Do I need to leave TeamViewer open on my laptop while I'm gone?
I live on Hawaii, and we lose power here every once in a while.  If this happens, and my laptop turns off, will I still be able to sign into my laptop?
Can I change the password?
Is there anything else I need to know, or any hints that might help me?
I really appreciate your help.  Aloha!!!

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Re: using iPad to log into Windows laptop

Hi @Kauai 

Thanks for your questions.

You can make your life easier by doing the following steps:

(I am adding links to the descriptions and more information)

1. set up an unattended password for theTeamViewer on your Windows device OR set up easy access 

2. Save the TeamViewer ID of your Windows device in your Computers & contacts list aka your TeamViewer account

3. Sign in to the Computers & contacts list (=your TeamViewer Account) on your iPad and make a connection to your Windows device whilst at home as a test

And here some general information:

Yes, TeamViewer needs to be running on your Windows device for a connection. But you can set it up as a service and so, TeamViewer will start automatically together with the system.

To be secure, you can set up Wake on LAN for your Windows device to turn it on from the distance.

Yes, you can change your password. Check the link above for the unattended password again.

I hope the info helps you!



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